Planned Parenthood

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If you are not careful with who you read or watch to get your news (or, if you have been enthralled lately with Cecil the Lion’s death), you may have missed the recent (and ongoing) news that Planned Parenthood have been caught in a hidden investigation plotting to sell aborted fetus’s baby parts.

This news – regardless of where you land on the abortion topic – have appalled and disgusted many. But why?


This article will not be a full treatise on the topic of Abortion. There is much to discuss on this topic that I have left out for time’s sake. This does not demean the importance of the topic. We should all strive ardently towards logically thinking about this issue as well as following the evidence where it leads.


You see, I am very pro-choice. I support a woman’s right to choose her own health care provider, her own school, her own husband, her own job, her own religion, her own clothes, to name a few. I also believe that we should not interfere with a woman’s personal choice in any of these areas or abortion. Abortion is a personal, private matter and I believe that it should not be restricted in any way. “Pro-lifers” by definition should stay out of any decision that involves a woman’s right, and choice, to have an abortion.


I am sure I have gotten your attention by now right? That may anger some, but that is my belief and I believe it wholeheartedly if – AND ONLY IF – it can be shown and proven that the unborn are not human beings. Further, if anyone can prove that the unborn are not members of the human race, thenI will concede where I stand on abortion and so should you. If the unborn are not human, killing them through elective abortion requires no more justification than having your teeth pulled.

On the contrary, if it can be shown and proven that the unborn are human, then killing him or her to benefit others is a serious moral wrong. It treats the distinct human being, with his or her own inherent moral worth, as nothing more than a disposable tooth.


When discussing the issue of abortion (regardless of which side of the argument you are on) we must clarify the issue about what we are talking about. We can talk in circles all day long about a woman’s right to privacy, a woman’s right to choose, a woman’s right to decide. The problem is, though: that conversation is not going to get you or I anywhere.

The issue at hand is not whether a woman should be able to choose to abort, the issue at hand is clear: Is the unborn human?

If the unborn is human, then killing him or her to benefit others is a serious moral wrong. If not, then who cares?

Let me show why this has to be the issue in any discussion on abortion. Would anyone (pro or anti-abortion) support a mother killing her two-year-old toddler based on her choice? No, of course not. And if that seems elementary, maybe it is. However, if the unborn are human what is different about that fetus and a two-year-old? Only size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency.

You see, we cannot argue that because the fetus is smaller that it should be aborted – that is non-sense. If that was the case, Shaquille O’Neal can argue that everyone should be murdered.

We also cannot argue that because a fetus is far less developed than a newborn, that the mother should be able to choose to abort said fetus. Five-year-old girls are less developed than sixteen-year-olds, but it does not equate that the sixteen-year-old has more rights than the five-year-old.

The fetus being in a different environment also is not an argument to be made “for” abortion. I am not more valuable, sitting here in my office typing this than wherever you are reading this. A journey of 8 inches down the birth-canal does not suddenly change one’s essential worth.

Finally, because the fetus is wholly dependent on the mother does not mean that a woman has a right to abort. Because if viability makes us human, then anyone reading this who depends on insulin or blood pressure medication are not valuable and I may kill you.


As we clarify the issue, let us make sure that we are adhering to the most basic logic.

Saying that abortion is justified because a woman has a right to control her own body assume that there is only one body involved (the woman’s). However, this is the point that some on the pro-abortion side attempt to prove. This is called begging the question.


Let us drop our political or even religious biases. I have heard arguments for and against abortion using the Bible. And while I am a very strong proponent of God’s Word (and I can argue against abortion using Scripture) – this argument squarely resides on one question: What is the unborn?

We have to sit here because if the unborn is human then the question on whether Abortion is right or wrong is self-evident. For the same reason we would not kill our two-year-old toddler, neither should the consideration be made on whether or not to abort an unborn fetus.