Daily Apologetic: Archaeology Proves the Bible Record

The world today is deluged by opinions. Opinions that sound good become accepted as truth.  Opinions that are widespread and widely accepted come to be considered incontrovertible, conventional wisdom.

One such opinion that is tossed around today and widely accepted is that the Bible is rife with historical error.  Many so-called scholars have promoted this idea with enthusiasm.  One must realize that these “scholars” have their own agendas:  religious, anti-religious, anti-supernatural, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, or very often political.  One does not go around “disproving” the Bible without a reason.

As a trained interpreter of the Bible and a student of Biblical archaeology, I have never found a fact in the Bible, historical or otherwise, that has been truly disproved.  Some events, like Creation, will likely never be proved to everyone’s satisfaction.  That is okay, since God never intended people to believe in him because of “proof,” but by a first-hand encounter with him through faith.


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